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Wave or Face Massager

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Get face wave massager from wowmart.pk to clean your face with portable device which you can carry anywhere. Order Now from wowmart.pk

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Want to revitalize your face to feel young and healthy? You may already spend time taking care of your face with various cleansers, toners, creams and moisturizers. The face massager stick will promote deeper penetration of facial moisturizers. Simply attach the face massager stick to the vibration massage tip at the end of the handle and turn on the vibration mode. Massage with smooth motions to work moisturizer into your skin with the massage stick. In short time, your face will feel more refreshed and relaxed.

The sound waves produced by the facial machine resonate well above our hearing level and move too quickly for our nerve endings to register. The intensive rejuvenating cyclic sound waves penetrate below the skin reaching the dermis and will not cause the user any discomfort or unusual side effects. Some devices and machines offer the convenience of different treatment modes. Generally, the lower the ultrasonic frequency rate setting, the deeper the sound waves will penetrate below the skin. Thus, the 1MHz mode is designed for general body treatment where tissues and muscles are thicker. The 3MHz mode is designed for general facial treatment where tissues and muscles are much thinner. The 5 MHz mode is appropriate for treatment around the most delicate area the eyes.

Key features:
Powerful percussion action for a relaxing massage
Lightweight and ergonomic design
Cordless for convenience and ease of use
Variable speed
Pure Wave Massager provides relief from stiff joints, muscle spasms, knots, cramps and more
Same relieving effects as visiting a massage therapist, from the comfort of home
Six different massage heads for customizable intensity
Features a facial vibration motor specifically designed for facial and scalp massages
Rechargeable battery makes it simple and easy to use where and when you need it
Percussion vibration provides relief from ache and discomfort
Ideal for home or office use