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Spin Mop – For all sort of surfaces

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This 360 Degree New Design Magic Mop Is Perfect For Door, Kitchen, Bathroom, Lobby, Car, Bedroom, Etc. Get it from wowmart.pk Shop now.

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We bring to you a brand new innovative spin mop that will make your household chores much easier! The all new Spin Mop cleans, dries and polishes in one easy step. The patented bucket with centrifugal dryer technology spins the mop’s rotating head at more than 1,000 RPM to spin out the dirt and excess water, drying the mop for you. This means you’re always cleaning with a clean mop. It makes cleaning your home an extremely easy task and takes you a fraction of the time to do so!

Key Features
High-efficiency floor cleaning
360° rotating and washable mop
A soap bottle to contain your cleaning solution
No spills, no shock, and no damage to floors
Microfiber mop head works great wet or dry
No power consumption and eco-friendly