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Microfiber Auto Spray Mop

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Get Healthy spray mop from wowmart.pk and have a clean and clear floor with great scent.

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How it works

Mopping your house just became easier with Prestige Healthy Spray Mop. It’s aluminium frame makes it light ,durable and easy to use. A unique spray function allows you to use the right amount of water and avoid wastage. It’s a quick and a easy way to get a spotless floor. Use spray mop and get it from wowmart.pk

Cleaning- Better cleaning, remove dirt, dust, grime and bacteria in every swipe.

Assembly- All Parts can be dismantled for convenient and easy to store.

Durable Handles- Aluminium thickness tube light and durable.

Removable Microfiber Handle- No residual, no harm to your hands.

Window Cleaner- For easy cleaning of your doors and windows.

Long Mop- to clean corners and hard to reach places conveniently.

No Spillage- Freshen up your home with convenient spray mechanism which avoids water wastage and use clean water every time you wipe.