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Kemei Hair and Beard Trimmer Model: GM-6028

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Time for you to goal groomed up! Those unwanted hair can came in your way of looking appealing. Why not get rid of them right away? We have brought you a high quality precision trimmer to be the new groomer for you. Getting the right mix of good quality and proficiency is not an easy task. The sharp stainless steel blades will gives your smooth shave. Three individual pressure adjusting floating heads flex to facial contour. The trimmer effectively trim long, heard hair. The personal groomer with interchangeable heads trim your nose, ear hair also helps to style your mustaches according to new style. The set is also can be good gift. So gift it to the special one! To embrace body grooming is an essential part of men’s life. Shaving, trimming, and grooming are very important for everyday routine. This hair and beard trimmer Set is a fantastic product with nicely decked button operations, for easy use. Men often want to experiment with their looks; facial hair gives them a chance to extend their personality through their styling etiquettes. This is a perfect kit for grooming and an electrical device that is powered by electrical source or could be battery operated. Its dual-blade system lifts hair comfortably and has automatically adjustable buttons. It is ergonomically designed with attractive color coordination. Carry the device anywhere and shave anytime of the day as it has a convenient cleaning procedure.

Features:Stainless steel
Easy to cut hair
Charging indicator
Rechargeable battery
Charging Time: 8 Hours
Use Time: 40 Minutes in Full Charge
Power source: AC 220
240V – 50/60 Hz 3W
Cordless operation
Light & compact
Stainless steel blade, easy to cut your hair
Press type switch, easy to operate
charging indicator
Rechargeable battery (Can be replaced – AA size)
Powerful & unique Motor