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Instant Black Head Remover Kit

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The black head remover vacuum suction firming skin thin face, the working principle of its unique vacuum system, to gently lift massage skin, promote blood and lymph circulation, promote metabolism, for leather group enough nutrition supplement, make the skin becomes more compact luster; Can enhance the permeability of skin, make the hairdressing fluid deeper penetration into the skin tissue, improve skin moisture, skin becomes more bright and shiny; At the same time, promote Collagen fiber mother cell to product Collagen, strengthen skin defense ability, avoid the dirt free radical damage skin, keep the skin tight and elastic, so as to remove wrinkles; Promote skin cell regeneration, increase skin’s immunity and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, prevent melanin deposit on the face, keep skin white and bright, make the skin become more white; Improve skin microcirculation, promoting metabolism of melanin, enhance the depth of whitening, fade melanin spots on the skin.

This black head remover is equipped with microcrystalline probe, make more than 100000 natural mineral microcrystalline drilling particles, effectively make the damaged epidemic cut in cell aging, rough flaws mobility, avoid excessive accumulation of dead skin cells, keep skin smooth, tender, bright luster.

Minimizes the appearance of large pores and helps to remove dirt that causes acne & blackheads.
Start with the nose cup to clean the corners around your nose and then turn the cup over to clean the forehead and cheeks.
By penetrating deep below the skin’s surface, the pores are rid of excess oil and dirt, and the skin is smoother and cleaner.
Use gentle, deep cleansing suction to remove skin impurities.
Easy to clean, simple to operate, portable for home or travel use.
Improves skin tone and pore appearance.
Essential facial care tool.
Light weight and compact to put in your cosmetic bag, use anytime and anywhere